General Instructions for Surveying', possibly written byMajor James Rennell, ca February 1791 (Series 60.05) - No. 0011

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     On a supposition that the extent to be explored if from the lat.d 40º N to 60º N. and all the Navigable part however far they may run inland, it is hazardous to risk an opinion how long it will take to do it. (d)  But supposing one Summer is the time to be made the most of, for a report to be brought home;  it is necessary that the inland researches should in some degree be limited - for instance - Should the Commander discover an entrance like the Cataget, [Kattegat] it would be highly proper to explore the Sound into the Baltic;  but it is not necessary to explore the Gulf of Finland or Bothnia - Knowing the advantage of such a point as Elsineur [Elsinor] stands on, is sufficient for him to quit this place & proceed in the line of his Orders to the Northward to terminate his Survey.

     From a fear of checking the Commanders researches, he must be allowed tolerable scope, and if he is a discerning Person a great deal may be left to

[note in margin]
(d)  Agreeable to this, is the foregoing Plan. -

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