General Instructions for Surveying', possibly written byMajor James Rennell, ca February 1791 (Series 60.05) - No. 0007

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either way In  each View a necessary Portion of the Coast is to be included

     It is suggested that significant & Characteristic Names should be given on the spot to the several Objects that form the Sand Marks;  in which Case, if named with Judgment the Name would convey some portion of information to succeeding Navigators And Surveyors.

      If bad Weather should compel the Vessels to leave the Coast let no Time be lost in attempting to regain the particular Station which you left (unless in a Case of Seperation, the place of Rendezvous should lead to the neighbourhood of the Station) but making for the Sand, by the directedest Course, pursue Your Operations along Shore, either way; as Winds & other Circumstances allow:  & close to ye Point you left at the fittest Opportunity

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