Incomplete copy of a letter received by Banks from ThomasDancer, 28 March 1793 (Series 57.03) - No. 0003

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a very ingenious Botanist in Kingston who at their Instance has made also a Collection, to go by the same Opportunity His Endeavours have I understand been very successful & I hope will be found sufficient to supply any Omissions or Deficiency on my Part - Should I soon be call'd upon to execute any trust of this kind again, I hope that sufficient Time & proper Assistance will be allowed me - The Hurry I have been in on this Occasion has prevented me from rightly investigating many of the Plants in the Catalogues, & I may therefore have been guilty of some Mistakes - but I keep a Copy & shall always be able to send You other Specimens of any of the Plants that may be wanted - We have not be able to get a Sufficiency of Pots, consequently some of the Plants are in Basketts, but Mr. Smith the gardiner on Board whose Care they are entrusted, & to whom I have given your Direction, will I dare say take the requisite Steps for their Security - 

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