Summary of the course of HMS [c10232] - No. 0001

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March 1st arrived at Sand: Isles
16  sailed & wrote this Letter from onshore

Explored the S.W. side of New Holland from Cape Chatham [SW of Western Australia]
Lat 35.03 N L. 116.35½ E to Termination Island -- 34.22-- 122.05½ ---
discoverd an excellent Port in 35..05..30., 118..14..13  Consisting of a Spacious & well sheltered sound with two Harbors  - King G[eorge]. Sound

Sailing round the S. Promontory of N. Zeland  discovered a cluster of small Rocky Islands 7 in number extending about 3 Leagues  bearing from S Cape S 40 W. 19 Leagues  Lat 48 . 03 S  Long: 166.20 E   Calld the Snares

discovered on island named Oparo  Lat 27.36:30 Long: 215.57.  inhabited by s sea people 

the Chatham discovered on Island L. 3. 48  S.   L 183. 2 E. & saild nearly in an E direction for 12 Leagues along the north side of it
Called it Chatham Island

& Discovered another in Lat 23.42.  L. 212. 54 called it Broughtons Isle

from on awhyhee [Owyhee] they calld at woaho [Woahoo] & on their arrival at Attowai did not find the storeship 

at Attowai were 3 Englishmen left by an 

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