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Filberts raised from Slips or Suckers, Slips esteemed the best taken from the Body of the Tree about a Foot from the Ground Plant them in a Nursery a Food Square from each other then cut off the Top leaving them nine inches from the Ground let them remain in the nursery three years then plant them out in very good ground sixteen feet asunder cut them & leave only three or four branches from the stem to each Plant keep them low never suffering them to be more than five feet from the Ground & hollow in the middle wide enought to put a hoop when they are at their full growth three feet wide they must be kept thin not allowing them to have too much wood as that prevents their bearing keep them clean from Suckers & be carefull  to let them have but one stem let them spread till they meet but cut them so as not to interfere with each other, never Tip them but cut close to y.r branch - to be pruned any time after Christmas if at any time the ground wants manuring clear, round the Stem till you come to the Top of the roots then put in two or three bushells according to the size of the Tree of good mould if rotten dung well mixt - After the Trees are cut & the ground cleared dig it all over - Hoe it & keep it constantly clean but dig it only once a year.

From Mr. Letterman 1796 The Kentish Way

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