Miscellaneous papers relating to Aborigines, ca. 1839-1871 - Page 17

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issued by successive sovereigns.

Edwards 7 [actually 6] - 1553   Charles 2 1670

Elizabeth 1582 George 5 1776

William IV

report on Australia p. 6.

The intercourse between the colonists and the natives has generally been very amicable but a misunderstanding has just arisen from the natives keeping the wild dogs of this country in a domesticated state and as they would  a great many sheep came down to the river to water every day, these dogs often got among them and injured them, often scattering them in such a manner that many were lost, and if sheep in this country once get away, they are scarcely ever recovered for the wild dogs cut them off at once. The assistant Protector was ordered by the Government to purchase these dogs but could not succeed, as the natives are much attached to them. The natives [?Protector?] then took the law in their own hands and and shot them at which the natives expressed great resentment

S. Australian Sep 1838

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