Letter received by Banks from Thomas Fleck, 12 November 1816 (Series 72.032) - No. 0001

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Boston.  Nov.r 12th 1816. 

To the Right Honorable Sir Joseph Banks Bart. 

May it please your Honour 

     I have taken the Liberty of addressing you Right Honourable Sir;  though not unknown to you, yet perhaps your Honour may have forgotten me.  My Name is Thomas Fleck, Nephew to the late celebrated Capt. Cook.   I am a seafaring Man with a Wife and large Family, and at present out of a Situation and have taken the Liberty of thus applying to your Honour, to use your Interest in procuring for me a Coal Meter's Place now vacant at this Port (Boston) or if it should be preengaged;  a Situation in the Custom-House-Boat in which there will shortly be two Vacancies:  if your Honour would be so kind, as to take the Trouble of serving me in any one of the above Instances, so that I may obtain a Situation thereby your Honour will always find me ever grateful,

I remain Right Honorable Sir,
your most obed.t humble Servant

Thomas Fleck

High Street, Boston.

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