Letter received by Banks from Marmaduke Tunstall, 21 December1785 (Series 72.189) - No. 0001

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Dear Sir

I duely received your favor of Oct 3d.; having a parcel to send to London, have taken the opportunity of sending you some of the incrusted teeth of Sheep & Lambs I mentioned in my last, as you said they would be acceptable, you will observe those of the Sheep are much less so, than the Lambs, which seems much against the opinion of those, who conceive it is occasioned by the nature of the soil, it has evidently given rise to the story of sheep with golden teeth of Hector Boethius & others, have seen some teeth of Neat Cattle so incrusted & have one so, given me by a Scotchman; have not as yet observed, that circumstance here.

Have not as yet been able to obtain a specimen of the new species of Crawfish I mentioned, tho' will endeavor  all I can, believe they lay in holes of the side, it is most undoubtedly distinct from the common Crawfish, both in shape & number of legs & approaches most to the ​Cancer Strigosus, as I observed before, tho' much less & I believe that species has hitherto been found totally confined to Salt water.  Mr. Pennant decides it to be an absolutely unknown​ species.  One of my young Whyes twin with a bull, is I think undoubtedly with calf, my other, a year younger, tho' at times has shown some inclination to bulling, may possibly turn out a Free-Martin, one 

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