Letter received by Banks from Arthur Phillip, 26 July 1790 (Series 37.12) - No. 0006

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some Clay by the Gorgon, for Wedgwood, I think that is the least we can do for him, hereafter we will search for black lead.

Once more my Dear sir, let me thank you for your kind attention to this Colony, which is all I attend to, or interest myself in at present, if it fails I shall fail with it, but of which I really have no apprehensions, & if any of my letters have been written in doubtful stile, it would not be wondered at or could it be known I have been harassed for full thirty months; with the loss of these Ships & a hundred more disappointments than you would conceive possible to exist.

Health & pleasure await 'tis the wish of a Sincere & much Obliged friend

Your Humble Servant

 A Phillip

I have received Rose, she is to be soon Married, & to one of the best Men in this place.

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