Letter received by Banks from Arthur Phillip, 26 July 1790 (Series 37.12) - No. 0005

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figs as ever I tasted in Spain or Portugal, still my Orange Trees want a Gardener, & all my endeavors to send good seeds for His Majesty's Garden, without me, will I fear prove fruitless, it is surprising to see how the Vines thrive & I am in hopes next year of having a Vineyard of five or six Acres. My great effort will be made this Year, & I hope after all our disappointments, that two Years more will fix this Colony beyond the reach of accidents from the Ice, tho' I almost doubt holding on so long; for I find my health declines fast. I have however one satisfaction, the more exercise I take the better I am. My complaint is want of Sleep, of which I sometimes don't get more than a few hours in many Nights, & at times a severe pain in the Side.

I shall send Skulls by the Gorgon, the Midshipman shall be reminded when he arrives & I shall always be happy on receiving your Commands.

I hope the Ladies in your family are well, I have the pleasure of hearing that our friend Nepean is better than he was when your letter was dated, his loss would be a loss indeed.

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