Letter received by Banks from Arthur Phillip, 26 July 1790 (Series 37.12) - No. 0003

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that I thought were good & a few seeds of two very beautiful trees. You have not mentioned receiving the plants I sent by the Master of the Sirius, who left the Ship in Rio de Janeiro, amongst the few were the different kinds of the Ipecacuanha, they were numbered, & what the faculty in this country esteem the best, was described as such.

Rose Hill answers my expectations, tho' the clearing of the ground of timber is not done without great labour. Indian corn advances well, & I hope next year to have a very considerable quantity in the Ground, this year we shall only have a few Acres. If Mesrs. Grenville or Nepean mentions farmers to you, for I want two good Men who are intelligent, & have spirit to take charge of a number of Convicts, be so kind as to give any assistance in your power to procure such, they will be an acquisition; but if not any good men, we shall be better without them. You'll excuse the trouble I wish to give you, & the liberty I take in desiring it, it is for the Colony.

Wedgwood has showed the world that our Welsh clay is capable of receiving an Eligant impression, & I return thanks for the Cup & Medallions. there is

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