Letter received by Banks from Arthur Phillip, 26 July 1790 (Series 37.12) - No. 0002

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my desire, he will tell you what a general despondency took place after the loss of the Sirius, & he will give you a copy of the Chart of the three Harbours. the Hawkesbury will I hope prove a valuable discovery, & I hope in the course of a few months to be able to give some little account of the Country further inland.

The Master of one of the ships now there, tells me that the kangurroo I sent to Lord Sydney was stowed away in the fore part of the Ship where he saw it laying on the Deck - no wonder that it was destroyed. Shortland promised me it should remain in the Cabin where it would have been dry, & if your seeds were taken no more care of, they could not be otherwise than spoiled. I will endeavour to collect what I can, but this is not the proper Season & Mr King's departure was sudden and unexpected. I sent what I had by me

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