Letter received by Banks from Arthur Phillip, 26 July 1790 (Series 37.12) - No. 0001

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Sydney July 26th 1790

[margin note] Clay from Sydney

My Dear Sir

I am favoured with your letters. I receive them as marks of a confidence and friendship, which I shall always be happy in cultivating. You will know the situation in which the Justinian leaves us, from Mr Nepean; and you will, before this can reach you, have heard of the accident the Guardian met with; it has been a fatal one to this Colony by its consequences, for it has thrown us back almost to where we were a few months after landing. While my obligations to Sir Joseph Banks, for his friendly intentions are the same, and he will I hope persevere in sending out a Gardener. Gr. King will call on you by

June 27.
Sr Jos Banks

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