Letter received by Banks from Arthur Phillip, 16 November 1788 (Series 37.08) - No. 0006

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Golden Grove there are two Tubs of flowering Shrubs, addressed to you. I hope the four Tubs will reach you in good order.

My Orange, Fig & Apple Trees, as well as the Vines brought from the Brazil are in a very thriving state. The Cochineal, on the plant, has stood the Winter in the Garden. Vegetables of all kinds are in plenty in my Garden & I believe very few want them but from their own neglect. I do not include the Convicts, for such is the Country on which the necessity of securing water in a dry healthy situation, has obliged me to fix. Then it has not been possible to get any ground cleard for those people. we have only 28 Acres of ground in Cultivation. up a small Creek at the head of the Harbour I have fixed a party & about Sixty Convicts, there the land is good & not Covered wth: such heavy Timber. the Country is very fine & several thousand Acres of land which appears to me not only to be pleasant, but as good ground as any in England. there I shall fix any Settlers which may be sent out & they will not have any reason to complain of their Situation.


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