Charles Boydell - journal, 1830-1835 - Page 5

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March. 18. At daybreak left [Townsheads?] for good [them?] to [reside?] upon my own [farm?]. Commenced sheep shearing but the day turned out badly. 58 down it is a bad thing if you can avoid to shear the sheep under three days after [washing?] that delay will give time to the york to rise which [renders?] the Chipping [Wharf?] & wool has a far better appearance & [weight?]
19/ Shearing until dinner time when was [prevented?]
putting food on table, or rather [shed?] [?] which
in my opinion no farm shd be without for on a 
[?] it would serve for [calf?] [?] . Sheep [?]
is everything & you are always in [?] of 

20 Finished Sheep Shearing, Ploughing myself for half
a day & [?] two thirty had my 
[marched?], took out a [pony?] horse which a [?]
thought he could hide. However [?] on he was [sent?]

21 Sunday Over at Townshends for the day [??]
22 Still at Townsends [washing?] wool, [?] & [pulling?] ... + Ploughing
23 + Ploughing & Clearing Land
24 Over at [?] with [?] & [drays?] [?] for
25 [?] the [drays?] at daybreak went off in fine
style & 11 Sheep so far [?] & 1 for [?]
[search?] of Cattle which I could not find: a most
[?] circumstance [was?] [explained?] the day
Some time ago [Mr ??] a working Bullock of which he
could get no tidings until some time [?] Black
told him that a [?] man up the river had shot the
[heart?] which was particular having only one horn, but
said the hide & head were thrown into the river the [?]buried & the [?] burnt, the perpetrators [?] in
[?] they were safe having taken such a precaution but
murder will out, & the floods coming [strong?] to 
brought the identical head with one horn & a [bullet?] mark on the forehead to the very place 
where [?] are in the habit of getting water. [His?] cattle [?]
be sufficient
to bring the actions [?] since to [?] & a proper
punishment : [?] at home [???]
[placing my garden?] -- violently hot.
27th Promised to be equally hot with [?], at dawn
of day mounted upon a grey mare took cause to go
in [?] of [calf?] which had strayed herewith
was at home before me, ([?]) in the Evening
it began to rain most virluently, Bled a [??] went fishing & caught 8 fine fish had part cooked for my
 for supper & they were excellent, fishing for [????] [????] do not often get fish they take bait most greedily

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