James Cook - A Journal of the proceedings of His Majesty's Bark Endeavour on a voyage round the world, by Lieutenant James Cook, Commander, commencing the 25th of May 1768 - 23 Oct. 1770 - Page 126

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Remarks & J. Ulietea
King Opoony we made a party this afternoon & went ashore for that purpose carrying along with us a small present upon our landing he did not receive us setting as all the other Chiefs had hitherto done or in any manner of form, this we attributed to his stupidity for such he appeared to be however he gave me a Hog in return for the present I made him & this was paying us full as a sort of compliment before we took our leave we let him know that we should go to Otaha in the morning in our Boats & would be glad to have him along with us & he accordingly promised to accompany us thither, accordingly very early in the morning I set out with both pinnace & longboat for Otaha & some of the gentlemen along with me & on our way called upon  Opoony who was in his canoe ready to set out as soon as we landed on Otaha I made him a present of a axe, this I thought would induce him to encourage his subjects to bring us such provisions as we wanted but I believe we had already got all they intended us for after staying with him until 'Noon we were obliged to go away without getting any one thing 
Tuesday 8 After leaving Opoony we proceeded toward the No. point of the Island & in our way pick'd up half a dozen Hogs as many Fowls & some plantains & yams & I had an oppy to view & draw a sketch of the harbour which lies on this side of the island & which was the only thing that induced me to make this excursion, After it was dark we met with the longboat which I had in the morning dispatched to another part of the Island & we now made the best of our way to the ship & got onb.d  about 10 at night, the carpenter having finished stopping the leaks about the powder room & sailroom I now intend to sail as soon as ever the wind will permit us to get out of the harbour.
[margin] departure from Ulietea[/margin]
Wednesday 9 pm had a light breeze of wind at No. in the. night had much rain am little wind & variable with some showers of rain at 11am, a breeze of wind sprung up at En. which carried us out of the harbour & as soon as the boats were hoisted in made sail to the southward. Since we have been about these islands we have expended but very little of our sea provisions & have at this last place been very plentifully supply'd with Hogs, Fowls, plantains & yams which will be of very great use to us in case we should not discover any lands in our rout to the Southward the way I now intend to steer.
Descriptions of the Islands. Ulieteam Otaha and Bolabola

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