James Cook - A Journal of the proceedings of His Majesty's Bark Endeavour on a voyage round the world, by Lieutenant James Cook, Commander, commencing the 25th of May 1768 - 23 Oct. 1770 - Page 90

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       page number 90

                    GEORGES ISLAND

May 1769.

set down by him & immediately asked for the Axe. I then gave him one together with an uper Garment made of Broad Cloth after their Fashion & a Shirt, the Garment he put on but the Shirt he gave to the man who first received us at landing who was now seated by us & the Chief seem'd desirous that we should take Particular notice of him, by this Time Obaria & several other women whom we knew came & sat down by us Tootaha did not stay long before he went away as we thought to show himself to the People in his new Dress, he was not gone long before he return'd & took his seat again for a few Minutes then went away again as we was told to order something to be got for us to Eat, & that this time we gladly would have gone too being almost Suffocated with the Crowd that was about us however here we remain'd for about 10 Minutes longer when word was brought us that the Chief wanted us we wasere then conducted to our own Boat where we found him sitting alone under the Awning, he made signs to us to come in to him which we did & as many with us as the Boat would hold here he order'd some Breadfruit & Cocoa Nuts to be brought of both of which we tasted, After we had sat here sometime a Message was brought to the Chief who immediately went out of the Boat & we was desir'd to follow & was conducted to a large Aria or Court Yard on one side of his House where we wasere  entertained with Public wrestling.Tootaha seated himself alone at one end of the place and several of his Principal men sat round him in a Semi Circle we wasere desir'd to set down here likewise but we rather chose to walk about every thing being now ready several men enter'd the Theater. 8.10 or 12. & sometimes more, these walked about in a Stooping Poster, with there left hand upon their right breast, & with their Right hand Open struck with a smack their left Arm & fore Arm in this manner they walked about until one Challenged another which was done by motion & jester without speaking one word The 2 Antagonists would then meet & Endeavour to seize each other by the thighs but if that failed they would seize each other by the Hair of the Head or wherever they could & then Wrestle together until by main Strength the one or the other was thrown on his back this was always / Except once/ followed by three Hura's from some old men who sat in the House & at the same time another Company of men would dance for about a Minute the Wrestlers all the time continuing their game without taking the least notice of anything else, The only dexterity the Wrestlers seem'd to make use of was in first seizing each other for after they had closed it was all desided by Main Strength, It would sometimes happen that neither the one or the other could throw his Antagonists in this Case they would either part by mutual consent or wasere parted by others. The Conqueror never exhaulted over the Conquer'd neither did the Conquer'd ever repine at his ill luck, but the whole was carried on with great good Humour, There were present young & old near 500 people the women do not seem to partake of this diversion, only some few of the Principal ones were present, & that appear'd to be owing to us being there after this was over we was given to understand that we wasere to go to Dinner & wasere desir'd to follow Tootaha who lead us into our own Boat & soon after came a small Pig ready roasted with some Bread Fruit & Cocoa Nuts, here we thought we wasere to have dined but Tootaha after waiting about 10 minutes made signs to us to put off the Boat & go a Board which we did & brought him & Tooboura Tomida  along with us as soon as we got onboard we all dined on the Cheer the Chief had Provided We soon found the good effects of having made friends with this man for it was no sooner known to the Natives that he was onboard the Ship than they brought Bread Fruit, Cocoa Nuts &tc. to the Fort.

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