James Cook - A Journal of the proceedings of His Majesty's Bark Endeavour on a voyage round the world, by Lieutenant James Cook, Commander, commencing the 25th of May 1768 - 23 Oct. 1770 - Page 237

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No Probability of a Southern Continent

English New Zealand South Sea Islands
No. Kaoura Oure
Number 1 Tahai Tahai
2 Rua Rua
3 Torow Torow
4 Ha Heo
5 Rema Remo
6 Ons Ono
7 Etu Hetu
8 Wharow Wharow
9 Toa Hyva
10 Angahourow Ahourow











What do you call

this or that  }   O.Y terrer

These are some small differences in the Language spoke by the Aehi[?]

nomouwears & those of Tovy poenammu but this difference seem'd

seem'd  to me to be only in the pronunciation & is no more than what we

find between one part of England & another what is here inserted is

as Specimen is that spoke by the People of Achunomouwe, what is meant

by the S° Sea Islands are those Islands we ourselves Touched at, but I

gave it that Title because we have always been told that the same

Language is universally spoke by all the Islanders & that this is a suffi-

cient proof that both they & the New Zealanders have had one Origin or Source

but where this is even [time?] perhaps may never discover, it certainly is

neither to the Southward nor Eastward for I am of [persuaide?] myself

that ever they came from America & as to a Southern Continent I do not

believe any such thing exist unless in a high Latitude, but as the contrary

opinion hath for many years prevailed & may yet prevail it is neccesary

I should say something in support of [mine?] more than what will be

directly pointed out by the Track of [?Kinship] in those Seas, for [foom?] that alone

it will evidently appear that there is a large space extend of quite to the 

Tropick in w[?] we were [...?...} any others before us that we can ever learn

for certain in our[reret? ] to the northern, after doubling Cape Horn when in

the Lat'de of 40°, we were in the Long'de of 110° - & on our return to the South w @

after leaving Ulactea when in the same Lat'de we were in the Longitude

of 145°, the difference in this Lat'de is 95°, for the Latitue of 30° the difference of

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