James Cook - A Journal of the proceedings of His Majesty's Bark Endeavour on a voyage round the world, by Lieutenant James Cook, Commander, commencing the 25th of May 1768 - 23 Oct. 1770 - Page 324

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New Whales or East Coast of New Holland
Trade[?] to invite Europeans to fix a settlement upon it however the Eastern side is not that barren & miserable country that Dampier & others have described the Western side to be. We are to consider that we see this country in the pure state of nature, the Industry of Mankind has nothing to do with any past of it, & yet we find all such things as nature hath bestowed upon it in a flourishing state. In this extensive country it can never be doubted but what most sorts of Grains, Fruit [?] of every kind would flourish here where they once fro. hither planted & cultivated by the hands of Industry. There are Provender for more cattle at all seasons of the year than ever can be bro. [brought] into the Country. When one considers the Proximity of this Country with New Guinea New Britain & several other Islands which produce Cocoa Nuts & many other fruits proper for the support of man, it seems strange that they should not long ago be transplanted here, by its not being done it would seem that the Natives of this Country have no commerce with their neighbours, the New Guineans, it is very probable that they are a diff.t[different] people & speak a different Language. For the advantage of such as want to clear up this point I shall add a small Vocabulary of a few words in the New Holland language which we learnt when in Endeavour River
English                                                New Holland
[margin] Language [/margin]
The Head                                            Whageegee
The Hair of the head                           Morye or Mose'
The Eyes                                             Meul
The Ears                                              Melea
The Lips                                              Yembe or Jembi
The Teeth                                            Mulere or Moile
The Chinn                                            Jacal
The Beard                                            Waller
The Tongue                                          Unjar
The Nose                                             Bonjoo
The Naval                                            Toolpoor or Julpur                The Penis                                            Kereil or Kerrial
The Scrotum                                        Coonal or Kunnol
The Arms                                              Aco or Acol
The Hand                                             Mangal
The Thumb                                          Eboorbalga
The Fore, Middle & RIng fingers         Egalbarga


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