File 2: Hassall family, correspondence, volume 3, pp. 669-1202, 1819-1822: No. 054

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[Letter 1 page 2]
nights we both sit up
the ... not thinking
it possible he would live
to see the morning ... Death
[Marguro?] [indecipherable] was
of the same oppinion
he has had a ...
on the ... deprived him
of his ... but that he
has recovered though in
a few days a nother melancholy
.... followed and that is
... and not knowing
what he ... of this
which he is ...
My poor Mother to was lost 
... so ill that she
repeatedly said she should
not see another day that
you can ... 
there I describe the ...
situation I am in & when
I think of my Dear William
who is more likely ... see
his poor father again
my .... Heart is ready
to burst he is in ...
poor fellow, ... in
great grief & sorrow as
my Mother wishes me
... my sincere thanks
for your kind ...
Believe me very

sincerely yours

Sarah Davies

[Letter 2 page 2]
Girl, since then she
has been dangerously
ill and Dr Anderson
had very little hope
of her recovery untill
yesterday, when a
favourable change took
place. Mr. Wilkinson
has not yet returned
from Newcastle, he
is to reside in Parr-
amatta at the house
Papa built near the
Factory, and Mr. Hall
is going to have charge
of a native School
at Black Town.
Mama Elizabeth and
I paid a visit to Mr.
Reines at Newland
he has got the rooms
painted and so [indecipherable]
ably furnished that
we should not have
known it for the
same place he is
also erecting buildings
and, making great
improvements in
the grounds and appear
ances of the house.
I wish very much to
see you and the

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