File 2: Hassall family, correspondence, volume 3, pp. 669-1202, 1819-1822: No. 041

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Under the present circumstances
I think you had better abide
a few Days at Langello, by which
time probably you may be
better, and more fit to accomplish
your Journey.—
We have heard from the
Paramatta [sic] [Chaveticleon?]
who is in good health, but is
very uncertain whether or
not he returns.
David Jones has not returned
yet, but expect him Daily—
expect it will go very stiff
with you for a few Days, after
Spending your Holidays
with the Pembrokeshire Ladies,–
As for Myself I have spent upon
the whole a very pleasant
time, having [being?] engaged
two or three Nights in the Week at one
Place or another. I have
done little or nothing
this vacation. E. Evans has
not assisted me at all in
the Sunday School, not having
seen him once. I hope [smudge]
tremendous volcano will
not reach your heart.
Yours in [Cht?]
J William
NB– If you deem it proper I will
send a horse on Friday, or earlier
write by return of Post.—
Kind respects.
Mr & Mrs [O?]

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