File 3: Hassall family, correspondence, volume 1, pp. 1801-8095, ca. 1830-ca. 1900: No. 001

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May 3/

My dear James
[indecipherable] received your letter of 28th for wh she thanks you she says she did send the "papers" tho Bishop's charge was to be fresh y ou as you have and Bishop of your own " [indecipherable] were her own  [indecipherable] - she is very anxious about your [indecipherable] its second [indecipherable] a pity that you should [indecipherable] [indecipherable] after just getting to know the people  P [indecipherable] re having the advantage of a good school for the boys.

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[indecipherable] 1805
Berrima  [indecipherable] Vale
16th of [indecipherable] Augst 28th 1875

My dear Sir
Both my workers and self were very pleased to get your letter, and to hear you were settled in [indecipherable] and that yr prospects are better    I met [indecipherable]in town [indecipherable] about time before and he told me you had gone there. We shall be glad if you can carry out your plan of [indecipherable]ing [indecipherable] by [indecipherable] to see, and hope it will be soon. [indecipherable] [indecipherable] were to be sure it was


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