Volume 75: James and William Macarthur business correspondence, 1823-1877: No. 395

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Camden Park, New South Wales
20th February 1867

Dear Sirs,

We wrote you a short letter by the last months mail enclosing there first of a Bill of Exchange for £15 on Mr Stone of 19 Clarges St, the second of which we now enclose, the proceeds to be placed to the credit of our Current Account with yourselves.

We also transmit the first of a Bill of Exchange for £100 drawn by the Manager of The Bank of N. S. Wales at Camden, on the London Branch of that Institution. We shall be obliged to your having this also placed to our credit to provide for Interest on our Bills.

In consequence of the bad season adverted to under letter of January it will nor be in our [indecipherable] to pay off any part of the debt, we fear until September next, but in the course of 1868 we hope to be more fortunate and to be able without difficulty to pay off the whole amount then remaining due.

We cannot this time say how much we shall remit in September next, but you may rely

Messrs Herries Farquahar & Co

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