Volume 75: James and William Macarthur business correspondence, 1823-1877: No. 342

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pr "Margaret Mitchell"

London 1st June 1865

Messrs J & W Macarthur
Camden Park

Dear Sirs 

We have the pleasure to acknowledge your favour of the 20th March, by which we are pleased to know that Mr James Macarthur, and family, arrived at Sydney in the "Duncan Dunbar", all well - after a speedy and pleasant voyage; and that they were so well satisfied with the ship and Officers. We felt sure what Captain Sevenson would do everything in his power to make his passengers comfortable and we shall, after your strong testimony in his favour, recommend all our friends proceeding to the Colony by sailing vessel, do give his ship the preference. The "Duncan Dunbar" arrived in the Channel on the 18th Ulto after a splendid tun home of 86 days.

Enclosed we beg to wait upon you with Bill of Lading for [indecipherable] /10 Drums [indecipherable] oil from Hubbard & Sons, on your account, which we have shipped pr "Margaret Mitchell", Captain Gibson, on the point of sailing for Sydney. We debit you for the Shipping expenses 15/- as per Note herewith. Not having received instructions from you to insure this little shipment, it goes forward at your risk.

We have heard nothing from Mr Blackwell of Oxford Street, respecting the small parcel of Harness, mentioned in your letter.

Much to our regret, we are unable to advise the sale of the remainder your wine. Every possible endeavour has been used by the writer, to meet with a purchase, but without success. We have consulting leading Wine Brokers in Mincing Lane, about including it in one of his auction sales, but he assures me that it would be useless to attempt to dispose of it in this way, as we should not even get a bid for it. We are just now in treaty with a Party to take it off our hands, and we only hope that he will make an offer that will cover Dock charges, and thus enable us to close this long

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