Volume 75: James and William Macarthur business correspondence, 1823-1877: No. 252

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I forwarded to you when at home a Certificate dated 19 July 1861, signed by the Captn at this Port of the exact measurement of the Cases and the Agent of the Ship here Messrs Willis Merry & Co promised me to point out to the Firm in London Messrs Holders & Brothers this glaring error. I believe the Potter House are Ship Brokers. The amt paid here was £7. 8. 9 on face of B/Lading.  Mr Silbard the shipper should have by him a Copy of the B/Lading.The overcharge I consider about £5. 0. 0 & he should recover the amt for you.

Mr Bowman informs me of two more Cases of Ferns to go forward which I intend shipping the "Walla Hood" sailing about 15th Instn.

A more unpleasant Winter could not be here the continuos dry & sometimes very hot weather. Rain Rain is the cry. The Season is about drawing near for the consumption of Light Wines.

I have been for 2 months at least without 

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