Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 522

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I believe I have so far modified Mr Mackay's opinion that he will not now attempt to show that your Vines are affected with Phylloxera Vetis - but it is very curious that you should have insects on yr Vines which can be mistaken by a non scientific observation for the Phylloxera - Believe me if you had it all these years you would not now be the most celebrated Vigneron (not perhaps "Vigneron") in Australia - but you would now be lamenting over 50 [or 60?] acres of [indecipherable] on what had been Vineyard - Why could not the French with their millions of acres do what you say you have done - that is "kept it under". you have "kept under" an insect which for all we know has inhabited the diseased bark & roots of the dying vines. Dying from some outside cause altogether. -

I am very curious now to see what will be done. matters could rest where they are - Do you wish the Act repealed and the [indecipherable] French pest to be allowed to Spread all over the Colony? - would the repeal be as "[indecipherable] Legislation as the original Act, making the Government to deal with the real pest and to leave your innocent little creatures alone - How is this to be done - Your action certainly did good in one way you enabled the owners of the affected Vineyards to get a splendid crop of paper this season from the diseased [indecipherable] they were to be destroyed - This is a curious feature -  the vines have put forth their strength to yield a crop, but they have [indecipherable] to make wood for next season - By "your action" I mean your opposition to the Act which certainly prevented it coming into operation - But are you going to [indecipherable] now what you want?  It is this "Repeal the Act & let the Phylloxera [spread?] [indecipherable] made of dealing with it.  [indecipherable]


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