Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 512

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to be found in large numbers, and there to increase with the actual return of the spring and during the whole of next season: the limit of such latent invasion can be estimated at some 25 vineyards within a radius of 10 miles, but certainly not of more than 15 miles, so far, at least, as the insect is known to be disseminated by the winds and other forces of nature for it must be said here, that plants, cuttings etc, of the vines have been sent from the infected vineyards in various directions during the previous seasons, so that, in that way, the insect may at not very distant date, be found to have a greater hold in this country than the late inquiry could possibly reveal, unless the such inquiry was extended to all the vineyards of the Colony during the coming warm weather - Indeed, such suspicions of such extended spread have been reported to you in several of my reports. - Such a general inspection besides being very expensive, would be liable to prove  incomplete, in spite of any precautions many vineyards, old and new, being often

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