Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 352

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long outstanding Account.
In October last, we sold 4 Dozen Camden, in Cases, to a Mr R.B. Read, of Guildford Place, Russell Square.  This gentleman sailed immediately afterwards for Sydney, via Melbourne, on the S.S. "London", Captain Martin; - but without paying for the same.  We have applied to his Father, or Uncle, Dr Read, at the above address, but he, having no instructions, declines to pay.  Under the circumstances we would beg to suggest that your Agents in Sydney should apply to Mr Read for a settlement of  the Account.
His address in the Colony can, we think, easily be ascertained through Mr Edwd Flood Director of the United Fire and Marine Insurance Company of Sydney, 325 George Street, who is a near relative of Read's.
For your guidance, we enclose Copy of the A/C in question.
We remain
Dear Sirs,
Donaldson Lambert & Co
pr [Caw?] Lincoln

Mr Lincoln is much obliged to Mr James Macarthur for the very interesting illustrated Sydney Newspaper which he so kindly sent.

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