Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 287

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which he expressed a wish to have, on casks & on the culture of the vine.  I wished to have put him in contact with Monsieur Bouchereau but was not allowed time.
I have entered into these details to show you I did what was in my power to justify your having recommended to me one of your friends; & you need not stand upon ceremony on future occasions if you wish to do the same & I will try perhaps with better luck.
It gave me much pleasure to hear the wine which you selected for the Australian Club in the vaults of B & G gave so much satisfaction & am sorry there were impediments for further orders.  The wines in question have since the shipment of your order awfully risen in price, and the common class under them are still higher, it wd. be impossible to have the same wine or the same quality under 36 fr. pr Doz: or 30 shillings.

Your account of the out turn of the samples you mention is particularly interesting & I am much obliged to you for giving it me.  You can see by it that my notion of the 1847 is quite justified.  It was a most agreeable wine fit to drink I shd say in france or in Bordeaux; but its constitution

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