Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 218

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a good deal to do on my return & this fact must plead my excuse for not having written earlier earlier to you and earlier replied to Mr Hutchinson's letter.
Mr Mackinnon has just returned from Adelaide armed with evidence with which he expects quite to annihilate Geo [indecipherable] in the long talked of proceedings commenced by that gentleman against the Argus.
I suppose you see our papers with sufficient regularity to render it superfluous for me to say anything to you about our our public affairs but in case you would not have seen a copy of the Argus containing an article on Australian wine growing which I [thought?] you might like to read I have directed that [number?] to be forwarded to you.
We have had here today quite a repetition of the kind of weather that caused my pleasant imprisonment for a day at Camden. Torrents have been tearing down the streets and a friend told me he saw a horse nearly drowned at the crossing of Elizabeth & Collins street where he had fallen & was under


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