Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 192

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[indecipherable] [15s?] pr ton; which is quite fabulous; but so it is.  It must be said however such a bargains are seldom found.
I am now on the look out for the australian wine you have been kind enough to desire Mr Joubert to send us; when tasted you shall hear of the result, we must get it in a day or two.
Your wish to take out intelligent coopery to Australia I shall not loose sight of, and I will make it a point at once to look out for men of good character of an age to make them useful.  The selection and the trying to persuade them to so long a voyage, now that the people of France begin to understand what comfort is and how law may make them so comfortable in such a climate as ours, will be a difficult matter yet it shall not be my fault if you dont succeed.  I fear from the pretentions of the Coopers at home that the expense would be very great for sending them abroad.
I must before I close this long letter beg your pardon for having taken the liberty of giving to a young friend of mine a letter for you.  He is a person in whom Mr Barton & myself take much interest, he is young & has not the means of supporting in England a largish family, the result of an imprudent tho a happy marriage & he is thinking of removing to New Zealand or to Australia, you would much oblige me if you could give the young man who's name is [Tabuleau?] & whose parents are most respectable, some good advice in the selection of a locality.  I have not had an opportunity till now of congratulating you on the deserved honour you have received in this country & in your own, all my family join in doing this with me now & that a long course of usefulness as well as happiness may continue to be your lot is the sincere wish of my Dear Sir
Yours very sincerely
P.F. Guestier


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