Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 181

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asked me in your last what proportion of freight Case wine bore calculating the same per ton; to tonnage of wine in Casks and here is the tarif.
[4?] hhds of 48 imperial gallons, or 228 litre make a ton measure outboard.
5 of these hhds in double Cask; make 2 tons measurement.
27,, 1 dozen one dozen Cases of Wine make a ton measurement as stowage & are something more; ie. 4 or 5 doz: more than the produce on the proceeds of one hhd of 48 gallons.
[indecipherable]  6 doz:  six dozen chests of Claret in quarts or wine generally make two tons, measurement & are as near as possible the produce of 3 hhds of gallons as aforesaid.
10 ,, 3 doz: Chests of Claret make a ton & are the proceeds of nearly  1 hhd and a half quarts which run on an average 22½ doz: quarts to the hhd. 
The apparent discrepancies are entirely owing to the difficulty, or facility offered by the package to stowing in the ship's holds.
The rate of freight for Sydney, or Melbourne is never more in general here than £6 ,, pr ton and 10 prCt. and seldom if ever less than £4 ,, 10. pr ton and 10 prCt.
I am afraid you will find me very prosy, and believe it is time for me to conclude this long letter, which I wish for your sake I could have known how to make shorter. 
Mme Guestier & all my family join in kind remembrance to you Dear Sir
Yours faithfully
P.F. Guestier

There is every likelihood when the peace shall have been signed of another advance [indecipherable] 1855 wines.

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