Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 166

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Bordeaux 28th February 1856.

My Dear Sir,
Your kind letter of 20th Inst. came to my hands while was making some stay in Medoc where I was felling trees & planting.  This circumstance will explain why my answer [indecipherable] with some little delay.
To morrow the cashier of the house of B & G. will call at Mr Scott's & ask for the Fr 832..50 C due that firm by your good self and for which I return in their name my thanks.
I am now able further to say that by the steamer Citizen, now at this port and to sail to morrow week at latest; but probably next Monday, for London, the wines, for Australia & the articles for the cellar, shall be shipped.  These steamers being fast & their Cargoes ready, you will just have time sufficient to get Mr John Cooper Chequer Yard, Dowgate hill to effect insurance from hence to London; or from hence in transitu to N. South Wales.
If W. Cooper will use the slightest diligence on receipt on receipt of your instructions, procure a ship for N. South Wales & take measures with the ship broker for transhipment, the articles which shall be sent by the Citizen need not be opened & may go without their being landed either from the citizen, or from along the Quay, to the ship destined to take them to Australia.  

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