Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 152

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Sydney 19th November 1855

Joubert 1855

Jas Mcarthur Esq

Dear Sir      according to your recommendation
I have fined the Hhd of wine with Icinglass, and hope that it may soon become bright  --  I have about thirty dozen of wine
bottles which I can let you have if you will order your dray to call at the Store for them when it comes to town.  It will be desirable to send a good supply of straw to pack them in the dray --
at 3/ per Gallon, and on the terms mentioned in your letter
Viz 6 & 12 months credit, I will take as soon as you can conveniently send it, 200 Gallons more, of the Gouais Similar to the 2 Hhds already received.  The price of the Muscat frightens me, I will therefore prefer to bottle and pack it on [indecipherable] account as proposed by you and divide the  proceeds equally when sold:  as an experiment I will bottle pack and sell as soon as possible 100 dozen on these conditions --  as you have not mentioned the price of the Red Wine, which I should like to try also, I am unable at present to decide anything about it -- 
Whenever you send me the wine Muscat & Gouais please, if you can, select a cool day as I think that travelling in an open dray, under the heat of the sun, must be very injurious to the quality of the wine.
I remain, [indecipherible]
Very faithfully yours

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