Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 140

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[Page 140]

article of trade, and I am disposed to give them a fair trial, by bottling now a few hundred dozen for next Summer if you will reduce your price so as to compensate me for the labour, delay, and risk of loss, attending upon the Bottling, Keeping and Selling a quantity worth experimenting upon.  I would then bottle immediately 100 dozen of Gauais Semilon to what you sent me, 100 dozen of the Red wine, and 100 dozen of your Muscat or perhaps more, if I should find no difficulty in procuring bottles, cases etc.

[indecipherable] if you could devise any feasible plan by which we might render the transaction mutually advantageous, so that I should avoid a long and adventurous outlay in the purchase of a large stock of any article slow and difficult of sale, and at the same time that you should benefit by having a share of the profits which might be made on the sale effected, you will find me ready to take into serious

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