Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 035

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Bowen's cask was good – also Dr Simpsons & Eldridges.  The four casks sent to Mr Geo Watson were so leaky he refused to take them, & I on the hopes of repairing them, took them myself, of which Mr Grey got one sound & good.  Mr Rolleston got one of good sound wine, but short 8 gallons by leakage.  I kept one myself which I have now; still perfectly sour, and I gave (sold) Mr R.J Smith one which is also quite dead, & bad; occasioned by leakage; – 

Mr Dix's wine was all leaked away but about six or eight gallons, – and Mr Burgess wine is not drinkable, tasting like water, and very thick; I should think it had been a dirty cask at first.  Of course I consider myself responsible for the amount to you, that you consider fair, to be paid; and it was to know from you, what amount you looked for that I wrote my last letter.

My A/c stands thus – 
Mr Bowen £4.14.–
[Mr] Eldrige 4.14.–
A McArthur 9.5.–
Dr Simpson  9.7.–
[Total:] £ 28.–.–
less 8 gallons in cask sent Mr Rolleston 1.4.–     
[Total:] £26.16.–         

Mr Dix £4.17.–
Mr Burgess 4.17.–
A H McArthur 9.2.–
[Note re above three entries:] Bad wine & unpaid for. – one cask. R.J. Smith both bad
[Total:] £18.16.– 
[Carried from above:] 28.–.– 
Invoice £46.16.– 


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