Volume 72: Macarthur family correspondence relating to wine, 1846-1900: No. 009

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Sydney December 4th 1846.

Messrs J. & W McArthur

Dear Sirs 

We have examined and tasted the Hhd [Hogshead] Vinegar which you sent us about a month ago. The quality is good, and we have no doubt that prejudice alone will prevent it from realizing the same price as the Vinegar imported from England which, you know, is much inferior to the French Wine Vinegar. of the latter none has been in this market for a long time past, English Vinegar is always abundant, and the best Brands such as "Champion" are realizing from 2/3d to 2/6 pr Gallon, by the Single quarter Cask of 24 Gallons.  Therefore we think that if you wish to dispose of what you have on hand you ought to be Satisfied with 2/ pr Gallon, as the purchaser will have to put it in Small packages, and sell it under an assumed name at first, in order to remove the very absurd prejudice now existing. Perhaps you will inform us of the quantity you have for Sale, and if you like we will undertake to sell it on your account.

We remain, Dear Sirs,
Very faithfully yours
Joubert & Murphy

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