Volume 66: Macarthur family correspondence relating to land, 1819-1881: No. 227

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Bathurst's instructions" - "Ha how so?" - "I should beg to suggest to Yr Excellency that a refference to His Lordship's Dispatch would be the best means of satisfying yourself on that head".

"Well then let yr father write me another Official Letter - stating the points of difference & it shall be attended to.

You think he cannot take it on these terms?" "Certainly no Sir. I did hope that Yr Excellency would never have sanctioned such a letter. It is disrespectful, contemptuous & insulting to My Lord Bathurst & certain to produce the most serious ill consequences". - "Very well let yr father write me a letter stating these points it shall be attended to". - "The Ocean sails on Thursday Sir". - "Oh you may send home that letter (Major G's of the 17th) you know". - "I am quite aware of that, Sir," - a pause - "Then Your Excellency's desire is that my father should again write to you" - "Yes". "I am sorry for it Sir - By thus sanctioning Major G's letter, you make yrself a party to the insult to my Lord Bathurst - Mark the result Sir" & you will then know (what you seem at present to be ignorant of). Who are your friends and who are your enemies - Good morning Sir".

When in the Secys office saw Oxley & Major G over a chart. Mr Harrington in waiting.

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