Volume 66: Macarthur family correspondence relating to land, 1819-1881: No. 112

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Parramatta 20th Decr. 1822


Having understood from Your Excellency today, that the plan I had the honor to submit in my letter of the 29th Ultmo for the consolidation of my Estates (chiefly with a view to the improvement & preservation of the purity of my flocks of sheep) had been considered inadmissible in consequence of certain Lands, contiguous to the Nepean, and West Camden having been reserved for a Township, I will by leave, to decline again encroaching upon Your Excellency's time by any other proposal; Because, upon reflection, I am without hope, that I could suggest any thing less liable to objection.

Under this impression, & assured by Your Excellency this morning, that I had your sanction to make choice of any part of Camden, except the reserved township of sixteen hundred acres, I am inclined to request that you will be pleased to direct that the 5000 Acres ordered by Lord Bathurst may be measured for me to the

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