Volume 66: Macarthur family correspondence relating to land, 1819-1881: No. 080

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the land of Brisbane was good, but said perhaps I shall be able to rectify that also by an exchange for part of Cawdor" - This was all voluntary on his part, and accompanied by many friendly and flattering expressions of his approbation of my conduct and your Brothers - "We were the only people who had done anything for the Colony"-

When Lord Bathurst's letter arrived I reminded him of his conversation and explained in what manner he could oblige us all by the consolidation of our land, and at the same time promote the public object to which we are strict devoted observers - The plan I propose was to resign James & William's grants, and to draw a line through the upper part of Brisbane in the same direction as the South boundary of Upper Camden which wd. consolidate the Estate by giving us the whole of Cawdor - But as the quantity of land I proposed to give up did not exceed 4000 Acres, that, with the 5000 enclosed to be granted would be 1000 acres 

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