Volume 65: Macarthur-Onslow correspondence, 1846-1929: No. 400

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but on the other hand we have had to encounter a good deal of opposition and distrust, and a share also of wilful and malicious misrepresentation.
  This is, as one of the best business men on our Board of Advice says, only what was bound to come, but he says also, "You are doing a benevolent work, for you will provide employment that is sorely needed, a patriotic work, for you will help to develop the resources of your country.  Go on, there is good in it, and there is money in it."
  In many industries women are fighting an unequal battle with men, causing opposition and ill-will by working for lower remuneration.  Very real injury is being done to men and women too by this unequal competition.  Men are beginning to look on women as enemies in the industrial struggle, when all this might be prevented by directing women's labour into other channels not already crowded by the stronger sex.
  If it be urged that men should provide for women, the answer is, many are unable to do so and many are unwilling.  How many fathers can now find an income for each daughter?  Nor is it desirable that women should have no choice as to whether they will be dependent or independent.  Further, besides widows and girls who have no men-folk

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