Volume 65: Macarthur-Onslow correspondence, 1846-1929: No. 326

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145 Fine hand-painted silk banner, a needlework ditto, and 2 pieces of patchwork
146 Large striped Algerian table cover, a striped wool sofa cover, and a lady's crewel worked apron
147 Two ladies' opera cloaks

Right Front Room. 

150 A 6ft. birch cornice pole, ends, rings, brackets, deal cornice lath-rod, and a pair of flowered cretonne curtains and rope holders
151 The blue ground Brussels carpet as laid, about    yards, a 2ft. 6 in. painted, tray-top washstand, a painted pedestal chamber cupboard, and a bentwood cane-seat chair
152 A 3ft. 4in. painted chest of 3 long and 2 short drawers, with white knobs 
153 A 3ft. 4in. ditto dressing table, fitted 2 drawers, and a 4-rail towel airer
154 Polished birch oval revolving toilet glass, plate 23in. by 17in.
155 Circular birch dress cupboard, fitted with dress hooks and revolving front covered in flowered cretonne
156 Japanned hip bath, bath blanket, 5 pieces of washstand fittings, water bottle and tumbler, a painted china teapot stand, and 2 bead-worked hand screens
157 A 2ft. 10. tubular brass bedstead
158 Wool mattress in tick
159 Ditto
160 Feather bed in tick
161 Feather bolster, ditto pillow, and 2 blankets


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