Volume 65: Macarthur-Onslow correspondence, 1846-1929: No. 323

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                                    Right Front Room.

90     A 5ft. 6in. birch cornice pole, ends, rings, brackets, and a               pair of flowered chintz curtains and holders
91     The tapestry carpet as laid, 3 cane-seat chairs, and a                    small box ottoman on castors
92     A 2ft. 9in. painted chest of 2 long and 2 short drawers,                    and a birch swing-frame toilet glass, plate 14in. by 
93     A 3ft. 6in. painted tray-top washstand, ditto 4-rail towel                    airer, and a japanned hot water can
94     Japanned hip bath, feather pillow, 7 pieces odd                              washstand fittings, and water bottle and tumbler
95      A 16in. bedside table with 2 flaps and fall down front, an               ebonized and pearl-mounted inkstand, 2 worked hand               screens, and pair of china pillar candle-sticks

                                   Back Room.

100    The flowered Brussels carpet as laid, about      yards
101     A 6ft. 6in. birch cornice pole, ends, rings, brackets, and                 a pair of flowered chintz curtains, and an Axminster 
102    Brass mounted nursery fender and a set of fire steel                      implements
103    Chimney glass in rosewood frame, plate 43ins. by 22in.,                and a bamboo glazed fire screen
104     A 3ft.10in. mahogany half-tester bedstead with fringed                  chintz hangings and valance, and a box spring
              mattress in blue check    
105    Wool mattress in blue check


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