Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 518

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making a trip to Wales.  His brother John had just left for Australia, where he will no doubt enjoy himself at Camden.  We hope to see a little more of George soon.  Catherines third son has got into Sandhurst Military College where he will get good discipline as well as a good education to fit him for a Military life.

The deaths of Sir George McLeay and Lady Macarthur must have entailed a deal of trouble & anxiety to you, but such events are unavoidable, and we hope only to strive to do our duty to the best of our humble ability and live in the hope of doing so.

Nothing can be of greater pleasure to you than the excellent conduct of your eldest son, and of all the other members of your dear children, all of whom will no doubt follow in the honourable steps of their forefathers.

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