Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 516

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P.S.  As the Queensland cattle are likely to be taken by the Freezing Companies, beef is sure to rise in price in the southern markets.

19, Portman Square,
London, W.
8 Oct. 91

My dear Mrs. Onslow,

I had much pleasure in the receipt of your interesting letter of the 8th Augt. and have to thank you for your kind enquiries for Catherine who I am thankful to say is very much better.  She & Mrs. Gardner with several members of their families spent a few weeks with me at Harrogate, and after we left there Catherine paid a visit to her Brothers place in Sussex, and also to Hughenden, and I spent a fortnight with Mrs. Gardner at Southsea, so you see we have been moving about.  The last time we saw your son George was on the eve of his

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