Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 444

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B.A. and the other (Donald) M.A. and they were both called to the Bar, but as I placed them in independent circumstances neither of them have followed their profession, still it is a good thing for them to have.

The low price of wool and tallow with the effects of the long drought has caused a severe depression in pastoral matters, and but few flockmasters can lay out any money in improving their flock.  I am glad to hear that the merinos are doing so well at Camden.  In preparing sheep for sale it will be much better to keep only a few really superior than many with inferior or even ordinary animals amongst them.  The inferior ones sent to Sydney some years ago damaged the reputation of the flock - depend upon it your best policy is only to offer really superior animals for sale.  There is a great 

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