Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 443

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deal in a name, and if that is lost it is difficult to regain.

My pure merino flock is now upon my property on the Lower Lachlan where I have given strict injunctions to keep them thoroughly pure in the future as I have done in the past.  Mr. Jonathan Shaw classes them regularly, and during the time they were under my personal management Mr. Shaw admitted that I had improved them immensely.  Mr. Shaw managed the flock while it was in the possession of Messrs Griffiths & Greene, and it was a feather in my cap to find that he admitted I improved them, after being under his care.  Since I left the Colony Mr. Shaw manages them.  If he was in Sydney it might be well for you to get him to go over the flock, he wd. do it in a few hours, if hurdle yards were ready.  As I am not likely to return to Australia I would wish to sell all my properties, and of course the pure sheep also, as you know it is an anxious thing to have pastoral properties managed at such a distance.  The pure merino flock was heavily culled and I believe it is now superior to what it ever was before, and I intend to keep it distinct from the other flock.  The 12 merinos brought home are at Brantridge Park, Sussex my eldest son's property.  I am going this afternoon out there, when I will see them, and if they are presentable I will have a couple shewn at the Colonial Exhibition next month, they arrived I am told in very low condition.  The La[n]downer and Farmers as well as all other industrial classes are suffering as much as the Colonists and many of them are pennyless, and no sign of improvement.  

With kind regards to all your family circle, and to Mr. King &c.

Yours very sincerely

W. Campbell

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