Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 308

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for them under which a number of land sharks would arise (as they did in Victoria) to levy "black mail" on the Squatter and bona fide buyer to the detriment of the Revenue and the moral degradation of the bona fide buyer.  A higher minimum price, say not less than 10/ for even back lands would greatly prevent such a scramble, and would realize a fair revenue for the State, and not offer iducements inducements to conspire with Land Sharks to buy the lands below a fair value.

Under the existing law the Lessee can buy 320 acres at 20/ an acre if he has improved the land to the value of £320, but the greater part of the dry interior where improvements have been chiefly made is not worth 20/ an acre, hence there has been but very little of it purchased,

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