Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 225

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and good country did a great deal for me.  Many of the present successful competitors had rams frequently from me in early times.  I mention these facts to shew you that the acknowledged improvements of many of these flocks was effected through half or I should rather say well bred rams.  I quite recollect the difference between the pure and the cross bred wool, and the facility you had in recognizing the one from the other;  but it is a question whether the constant supply of superior males for nearly half a century might not have created that superiority in their fleece, as it did also in the symmetry of the animal.  I used to fancy when travelling first over Port Phillip meeting flocks descended from Camden which I recognized from their symmetry;  the fine head, and compact form &c &c.

Respecting Furlongs sheep, I daresay you observed his stations were offered for sale.  They are now in the possession of Joshua Brothers, to whom they are

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