Volume 60: William Campbell letters, 1846-1894: No. 209

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house on the Thursday, in the face of a statement that the prorogation would take place on Friday.  The days of meeting are Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday, and the motion was to meet on Friday.  The "count out" prevented the House from meeting till Tuesday, and the Government prorogued on Friday without the Council being in Session.  I regret this as it shews the extreme opposition in the Council to the factions, it hurts the dignity of the Houses, and it mars the credit which the Council earned for moderation and firmness in the conflict between it & the Assembly.  The extreme opposition did alas take a wrong step in stopping the appropriation Bill with the view of coercing the Govt. to satisfy the payment of some judgment debts.  I have always councelled moderation, and although I have uniformly voted with the opposition in defending the rights & privileges of the Council I am an advocate for the concessions

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